The Autopilot Fund
The Autopilot Fund

The Autopilot Fund

The 1990s brought the advent of software products. The 2000s brought the advent of cloud-based products. The 2010s brought the advent of collaborative products. We believe that Enterprise SaaS in the 2020s will be about “autopilot” products: software that puts large chunks of work entirely on autopilot, especially thanks to AI.

So what does this look like? Products that…

  • are the system of record for a specific data object
  • serve as a data platform or workflow automation tool
  • can be described as an API for [X] is a bet that we’re still in the early innings of unlocking productivity.

Are you a founder of a Pre-seed / Seed (or possibly Series A) company that fits the bill?

Are you accredited, and interested in investing in our fund?


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