How we work with our portfolio companies

How we work with our portfolio companies

We love helping and enabling startups.

But we are full-time founders ourselves, so we have to be smart about it. 😓

But we are full-time founders ourselves, so it’s actually quite easy to help in the course of our day-to-day jobs. 😅

This is how we end up being a resource to our portfolio companies — our startup DNA, and the fact that we’re also in the trenches every day helps us serve as a sounding board, a confidante, and a connector.

  1. Brainstorming: We’d love to jam with you when you’re making hard calls, ranging from exec hiring to product strategy to cofounder conflicts to GTM strategy to moat-building. Even our “pitch” calls are actually brainstorming calls.
  2. Intros: We spend all day talking to other founders and execs at early + growth stage companies. We’ve spent a combined 25 years building a strong network and reputation in the tech ecosystem. We’d love to introduce you to customers, partners, candidates, etc.
  3. Feedback: We spend all day evaluating products to build our businesses: if we know the space, we’d love to be a beta tester or sounding board.
  4. Fundraising: We’ve reviewed thousands of decks and invested in 100+ companies. We’d love to provide deck feedback, pitch feedback, and give you a read on the environment.